Full form of Computer|Full form of Technology related words

क्या आप जानते हैं Computer और Technology related Word जैसे  RAM, ROM, SIM, OTP, IP, SMS, WWW, HTTP, CHAT, VIRUS, & LTE etc. की Full Form की जानकारी के लिए यहाँ पढ़ें. Friends Aaj ki Iss Post hum apko Kuch aise words ki full form ke bare me batane wale hai. Jo apke bahut hi kaam ane wali hai.

Friends Aaj ke iss Digital Yug me bahut saari technology hai. Unme Kuch aise bhi jinka Hum Maximum Use karte hai. Or unko hum unki short form me jante hain. Jaise Computer ka use maximum user karte hai. lekin unme se kuch logo ko hi uski full form ke baare me pata hoga. Friends aaj ki iss post me hum apko computer or usse related technology ke aise words ki full form batayenge jinka short name kafi logo ne suna hoga.

Full form of Technology related words|Technology संबंधित शब्दों का पूर्ण रूप

COMPUTER : Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used in Technical and Educational Research.

VIRUS :- Vital Information Resources Under Siege.

RAM :– Random Access Memory.

ROM : Read Only Memory.

CHAT :– Conversational Hypertext Access Technology.

WWW : World Wide Web.

SMS : Short Message Service

IP :– Internet Protocol.W

OTP : One Time Password.

LTE : Long Term Evolution.

Volte : Voice Over Long Term Evolution.

3G : 3rd Generation.

4G : 4th Generation.

GSM :- Globel System For Mobile Communication.

CDMA : Code Divison Multiple Access.

UMTS :- Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.

SIM : Subscriber Identity Module.

AVI : Audio Video Interleave.

RTS : Real Time Streaming.

RTGS :- Real Time Gross Settlement.

NEFT : National Electronic Funds Transfer

SIS : Symbian OS Installer File.

AMR : Adaptive Multi Rate Codec.

JAD :– Java Application Descriptor.

JAR :- Java Archive Descripter.

3GP :- 3rd Generation Project.

MP3 : MPEG Player III

MP4 : MPEG – 4 Video File

AAC : Advanced Audio Coding.

GIF : Graphic Interchangeable Format.

JPEG : Joint Photographic Expert Group.

BMP : Bitmap

SWF : Shock Wave Flash.

WMV : Window Media Video.

WMA : Windows Media Audio.

WAV : Waveform Audio.

PNG : Portable Network Graphics.

DOC : Document.

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PDF : Portable Document File.

M3G : Mobile 3D Graphics.

M4A : MPEG-4 Audio File.

MMF : Mobile Application File.

XMF : Extensible Music File.

WBMP : Wireless Bitmap Image.

DVX : DivX Video.

HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language.

WML :– Wireless Markup Language.

CD : Compact Disk.

DVD : Digital Versatile Disk.

CRT :– Cathode Ray Tube.

TFT :– Thin Film Transistor

LED :– Light Emitting Diode

LCD :– Liquid Crystal Display

DAT : Digital Audio Tap.

DOS :Disk Operating System.

GUI :– Graphical User Interface.

HTTP :– HyperText Transfer Protocol.

ISP : Internet Service Provider.

TCP : Transmission Control Protocol.

UPS :– Uninterruptible Power Supply.

HSDPA :– High-Speed Downlink Packet Access.

EDGE :– Enhanced Data Rate for GSM.

VHF :– Very High Frequency.

UHF :– Ultra high Frequency.

GPRS :– General Packet Radio Service.

WAP :- Wireless Application Protocol.

ARPANET :- Advanced Research Project Agency Network.

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IBM :- International Business Machines.

HP:- Hewlett Packard.

AM/FM :- Amplitude/ Frequency Modulation.

WLAN :- Wireless Local Area Network.

LAN :- Local Area Network.

UID :- User Identification

PC :- Personal Computer.

CPU :- Central Processing Unit.

Friends ye the Kuch Short Technolgy word ki full Form ummed hai apko ye post achchi lagi hogi. Agar Apko humari Post Achchi lagi Aap Share kar sakte hai. Friends aise hi kuch technical updates ke liye Bane rhe On Online Tech Updates.

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